Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Cowgirl Denim Pocket

Here's my second denim pocket for the swap I am in. Boy did this one give me trouble. I thought when I found this image that it would be easy to work with. But I had a vision and I just couldn't achieve it. I had no intentions of putting butterflies on it. I really wanted to keep it western, but I don't have anything like that. I do hope to change the handle to leather before I send it. But if not, it will have to go the way it is now. I really need your critique on this one! I don't want to send something that isn't great! Please give me feedback!


  1. This is sure fun! I like what you did...great embellies, but I would change the handle too. I've seen colored suede strips at Michaels that would be perfect. Or maybe braided denim strips?

  2. Beautiful country western feel to this one. Your pockets are awesome.