Monday, November 30, 2009

Huge Christmas Giveaway at Pages in Time

Huge Christmas Giveaway!

ITS beginning to look alot like Christmas at Pages in Time. So to celebrate they are having their first ever Christmas Giveaway! Anyone can join. It will end Jan 8th, 2010.
Who can Win! Anyone can! Want to know how,just read the instructions!

Want to know what you can win.
*One Grand Prize- A big scrap book giveaway that is valued at over $150.00 in merchanise!
*One $50.00 Gift Certicate
*One $25.00 Gift Certicate
* Five $10.00 Gift Certicate
*A Spot on our Design Team as a Guest!
** Lots and lots of other store prizes!

The more you do, the more you can win! Ok, here's what do you need to do: You get points for doing these things! Stop by daily and post a lo,pic or card in the gallery! State its for the Christmas Givaway! Every thing you enter in the gallery gives you 2 points.IF its a Xmas lo,card etc you get an 5 extra points!~You get 10 extra points if you join a challenge and do the challenge!~You buy a gift certicate here for a xmas gift or even for yourself at least $10 you get 3 points if you buy one $25 you get 5 points,and if its above that you get 10 points!~You join a group and particate in it! 6 points if you are already in one,start a new group -10points!~Do one of the xmas games I post! Each week I will post a new Xmas game,any one who particates gets 5 points-winner of the games gets 10points!~Find the hidden Santa's around the site and tell me where you found them,you get 5 points for each Santa you find. There will be one hidden Christmas tree ,one Angel,hiding throughtout the month,find them and you get 15 points!
More Exta Bonus Points:Post a tip or technique -3 points for each one you post.Post a sketch (has to be your own) 15 points. Post a Holiday Recipe-4 points each one u post. Leave a comment on my blog 3points each time you do.Post a video-6 points. Start a new Discussion anywhere on the site 4 points
Extra Extra Points! Have the most friends here on line 20 points! Have a friend sign up and you will get 15 points! Blog about our site 12 points! You will keep track of your own points then send Karen an email telling her how many points you have and what you did to earn them. Her email is This is going to be fun,join in the first ever Christmas BIG GIVEAWAY! Everyone who enters wins!

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